Prostitution As Social And Legal Issues

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Literature Reviews:

A) Introduction

This section reviews several literatures considering prostitution and prostitutes as social and legal issues. It firstly examines concisely the historical and traditional prostitution discourses in course of developing law on prostitution in the United Kingdom, their (these discourses) influences contributed to contemporary approaches socially and legally. Regarding the discriminating facts on prostitution and its legalization from media representations, the final part will investigate how does contemporary media interpret the prevalent negative discourses (victim or offenders grounded) of prostitution as a legal and social issue.

B) Prostitution and its legislative development in the United Kingdom

In order to comprehend the tension between social controlled morality and prostitution in British historic context, and the historical discourses leading to current legal situation in the United Kingdom, this text relies heavily on the studies of Aspevig (2011) and Begum (2013); the former is about fact and fiction of prostitution and the latter relates to the significance of regulating prostitution in the United Kingdom. Both studies similarly emphasized on legal and social discourses on prostitution, instead of grounded on causes of issues tended to root from sexualized morality discourse. Women in prostitution are particularly and historically accused of transmitting contagious sexual diseases, appraised as sexual offenders and
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