Prostitution, As Stated By The Oxford English Dictionary,

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Prostitution, as stated by the Oxford English Dictionary, is “The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.” With a clear understanding of its definition, it can be acknowledged that this practice is both dangerous and unethical, and often reflect an imbalance of power and control, both physically and emotionally, through unsafe environments and treating prostitutes as sex objects. As a matter of fact, if we lived in a perfect society everyone would be wealthy and this practice would not exist; however, this reality seems far-fetched. The world in which we live is not ideal and sex is not always accessible or consensual. Societies revolve around sex and, as a result of this, there will always be…show more content…
In the West, the social preliminaries to direct simulation may seem like unnecessary diversions from the task at hand. As Yeeshan Yang puts it, ‘The western man wants to get to the dessert course quickly, and eat dessert until he is stuffed.’ The East Asian customer, on the other hand, usually prefers ‘every course available’ (62). The aesthetic differences reflect how prostitution in Asian societies involve norms of deference and civility. Karaoke-style prostitution activities can lead to an emotional bond between the customer and hostess, whereas Western-style prostitution is solely based on the trade of sex for money, an exchange without any emotion. Further, there is significant reasoning behind the music at karaoke bars. Chinese and Confucian philosopher, Xunzi believed that there is satisfaction when music is utilized to control desires. Therefore, we can conclude that the collective singing in the karaoke bar is used to tame sexual desires and establish an emotional bond between client and customer (Bell). In addition, at karaoke bars male customers are more civil with each other, allowing their friends to have first choice with regard to which hostess they desire. In contrast, the “western man” is typically more hostile and disregards any commitment to friendship when fulfilling his sexual

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