Prostitution Can Be Described As Many Things

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Prostitution in Wallace, Idaho Prostitution can be described as many things: a sin, a corrupt use of one’s body, and even a criminal act. While many people now think of prostitution in negative ways, it has not always been thought of this way. Being one of the world’s oldest professions, prostitution is viewed quite differently from culture to culture and era to era. After taking a glimpse into the past and the history of prostitution, one can see how the act of selling one’s body has benefited and shaped the society of the mining town of Wallace, Idaho. Wherever there has been sign of human culture, evidence of prostitution can also be found. When the earliest of human societies began to develop in Mesopotamia, sex trade also evolved. The article “A History of Prostitution: How Old is the Sex Trade?” by Zac Fanni states, “Beginning in the third millennium B.C, the Sumerians, the first major inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia, worshiped the goddess Ishtar, a deity that would remain a constant throughout Mesopotamia’s Babylonian and Assyrian empires.” Ishtar was the goddess of love and war who “was born anew as a maiden every morning only to become a ‘whore’ every evening” (Fanni). The origin of the word ‘whore’ being ‘desire’ in the Indo-European root meaning. Mesopotamia practices gave birth to the trade of prostitution. “Women in Ishtar’s service would help men who offered money to their temples with the ‘sacred’ powers of their bodies” (Fanni). Men of any rank…
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