Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution has been a part of our world's culture since the beginning of time, and is the world's oldest profession. Ever since the beginning of time man has felt the need to pay for services of a sexual nature, whether are legal or not. In our culture; however, prostitution has become a topic of debate concerning the merits of this profession's legality. In viewing the legalization of prostitution one must take into account all the pros and cons of the situation, but more importantly what is currently being done to rid society of the problem of prostitution as well as the lack of effect of these so call solutions. One must ask one's self if outlawing prostitution, as a profession is the most effective or worthwhile way to deal with the…show more content…
the country can now generate for funds to put into other aspects of the economies well-being"(p.62). Here clearly shown are the economic benefits that the legalization of prostitution had on these countries and how now through the financial contributions of sex as an industry to the countries over all budgets, they are able to provide funding for other aspects of community life, such as education, health care, and overall economic stability.

The legalization of prostitution has been shown to create funds for cities and decrease government spending. Through the viewing of research of top economy annalists, it is estimated that a cities or nations net benefit, if the country or city would legalize prostitution by far out weigh what financial loses are occurring do to the never-ending fight of the regulating of prostitution. In the former Soviet Union "lawmakers in the Volga River Valley of Saratov are currently preparing a bill that would
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