Prostitution Is A Big Controversy Around The World

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Prostitution is a big controversy around the world. Many debate about whether prostitution should be legalised due to the person being old enough to make the right decisions for themselves and for their body. Many choose this career as a way to make a living because they choose its right to. Others on the other hand do not agree. The opposing side say that prostitution should not be legal due to so much violence and abuse that a prostitute goes through. Many do not choose the lifestyle to become a prostitute, and many are forced into this industry and are even abused. The main reason many people believe that prostitution should be legal, would be because a person should have the rights to chose what they want with their body. On an article written by Kimberly Klinger, she gave her opinion as a second wave feminist with prostitution. She believes that people from both genders make a living off prostitution, so why not be protected by the law with that career. She states, ( If a woman or man chooses to exchange sex for money and does it in a way that causes no harm to either party, then they should be free to do so.”(Klinger) People should have there own saying for their own body, meaning that they should desire what to do with their own body without having to worry about other people criticizing a body that does not belong to them. On a different article, they state “It would also reduce gender violence, allow women to escape prostitution, if they so choose, and prevent…
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