Prostitution Is A Global Phenomenon Requiring Immediate Intervention

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Prostitution is a global phenomenon requiring immediate intervention. Fluctuating opinions surround two different views on this social problem: punishment vs. rehabilitation. Individuals have different perspectives on why prostitution exists. Some see prostitution as a choice and others view this social issue as involuntary; these conflicting perspectives on prostitution influence individuals’ opinion on how this issue should be handled/solved (A Personal Choice; Prostitution, 2014). The legal punishment intervention surrounds around the idea of legal consequences, such as incarceration. The rehabilitation intervention includes providing services to those involved in prostitution, in order to decrease their chances of reentry.
Those who favor rehabilitation identify the many reasons why individuals may be engaging in prostitution. Some key factors to prostitution consist of: “politics, poverty, illiteracy, sexism, racism, war and natural disasters, and a global society in which capitalism creates a market for everything and womens’ and girls’ sexuality is commoditized” (Minnick, 2012). Also, an increase in financially burdened single women households increases their willingness to engage in risky sexual behaviors (Minnick, 2012). Many are also physically forced into prostitution; this can be by an abuser, captivator, or a pimp. Policies have been implemented focusing on rehabilitation to reduce sex trafficking, affecting the rates of prostitution.
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