Prostitution Is A Modern Form Of Slavery

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Prostitution is a polarizing topic that brings with it many opinions as to how to handle the matter. It is consistently a topic of debate among legislators, many of which argue that with the legalization of prostitution comes with it many ramifications, one of which being an increase in the amount of trafficking.. Former ambassador to Slovenia Nancy Ely-Raphel said in a hearing before the Committee on International Relations House of Representatives regarding a 2002 trafficking report that “Trafficking is a modern form of slavery. To not understand the relationship between prostitution and trafficking is like not understanding the relationship between slavery in the Old South and the kidnapping of victims in Africa and the transatlantic shipment of them to our shores” (Raphel, 156). Many feel that one influences the other, and both

and that when prostitution is legalized in a country, it will only increase the amount of trafficking a country experiences. This paper will explore

In this paper I will examine prostitution in two contexts, one where it has been legalized, using case studies based in the countries of the Netherlands and Germany the other where it has it become illegal, in the country of Sweden.. I will first explain what is prostitution, human trafficking and what are the scale and substitution effects, as many are uninformed to the many types,definitions effects that pertain to prostitution and trafficking. I will then examine both countries where it has

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