Prostitution Is Legal Under Strict Regulations

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Prostitution in Germany Like many countries in the world, prostitution in Germany is legal under strict regulations. Prostitution in Germany dates back to many centuries and although it was never legalized, prostitution was never illegal and discrete brothels existed. In 2002, Germany implemented the Act Regulating the Legal Situation of Prostitutes that was intended to improve the legal status of prostitutes, improving the social position of prostitutes, improving working conditions of prostitutes, cut grounds from under the criminal activities, and make it easier for people to get out. In doing so, according to Havocscope, a website that focuses on global black market information, it is estimated that the legalized and regulated industry generates about $18 billion per year. Prostitution in Germany is legal in all types of forms, from brothel worker to streetwalker, but only in commercial and industrialized zones (Kavenmann, 6) and the largest Red Light District in Europe resides in Hamburg, Germany. Additionally, in order to make sure that not just brothel workers are paying taxes, the city of Bonn has passed a law that streetwalkers are required to have a ticket that costs 6 euros every night that allows them to work. If caught without one, they could face high fines. (NYT, In Germany, Sex Workers Feed a Meter). One of the aims of the Prostitution Act of 2002 was to help women exit prostitution if they wanted to. Today there are Exit programs that exist in Germany to

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