Prostitution Is The Act Of Trading Sex For Some Form Of Profit

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Prostitution has been practiced for thousands of years. It is believed to be the world’s oldest profession. Its beginning in ancient Mesopotamia began a somewhat morally disturbing practice that has flourished in the shadows of every civilization through time (Fanni, 2014). Recently, governments have chosen to overlook the morality of this act by making it legal in various countries. America has begun to discuss the pros and cons of allowing such a commonly despised and misunderstood profession to be legalized throughout the country. Prostitution is the act of trading sex for some form of profit, usually monetary. Many women are often “owned” by a procurer, often referred to as a pimp, that takes a portion of their earnings, brings them their clientele, and offers protection from the girls’ Johns, the men that use their services, among other things. Though the procurer is supposed to protect the girls, he or she often abuses them. The act in and of itself is seen as morally wrong, but the sinister activities that frequently surround those involved in prostitution make matters much worse. Drugs, violence, and even human trafficking are often associated with the solicitation of sex. Prostitution is believed to have begun in the culture of the ancient Sumerians in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia. The female servants of their deity would grant men, “the ‘sacred’ powers of their bodies” in exchange for monetary offering to the temple (Fanni, 2014). Also, many
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