Prostitution Is Wrong Essay

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• I agree with the book on how society labels prostitution to sex work that can be divided as a good or bad.
• It is true, how prostitute are vulnerable to sex exploitation, where they don’t have that protection.
• It is hard to see how these women’s are abused in a way that they don’t have human rights, and they are used only as an entertainment object.

2 NFS – Clarke – Prostitution for everyone: Feminism, globalization and the ‘sex’ industry
• It is true and how I mention before about the sex industry, people and those organizations violate human rights of their victims workers.
• I can see how men abuse with physical aggression of those girls, women’s, via pornography base on the book NFS Pg.149.
• Teenagers or girls at a younger age are vulnerable from these organizations by trafficking them
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• First nations women suffer the most from this type of cruelty, abuse from men that considered them as exotic women.
• Referring to the facts that these first women were used for prostitution and at one point they were murder.

4 PDF - Doezema – Forced to choose: Beyond the voluntary v. forced prostitution dichotomy
• I can say it is the same factor where we see the term force and voluntary prostitution, just I the fact that these women’s are force in a way that their human rights are violated by these organizations.
• I truly agree in the fact that these women’s in the sex industry work there as a slavery-like condition.
• Toward the new perspective it reflects that many women who works in the sex industry and prostitution they are there just in the fact that these girls are poor or are unemployed, that are force to work there.

5 PDF – Munoz - Respite from the streets
• It is true how people judge other without known the problem or circustances that these women are facing.
• It is easy to say something and not knowing the true behind the cruel life from that these women
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