Prostitution : Positive Direction For Today 's Society

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Decriminalizing Prostitution: Positive direction for today’s society Prostitution or commercial sex has always been a topic of ice and fire for the world. The “world’s oldest profession”, prostitution has always been considered sinful by the society and has always been frowned upon (Ahmed). From the beginning of the profession of prostitution it has been considered degrading for the dignity of women and feminism. Although critics claim that legalising prostitution will result in violence against prostitutes, human trafficking etc., but data collected from countries such as Germany and New Zealand who have legalized the profession of prostitution shows an entirely opposite trend (Reisenwitz). The world today has started to look…show more content…
Levin and Peled also explained about the various methods of measurement that can be used to measure the attitude of people towards prostitution and its legalization. So, in order to have a clear image about prostitution, we must look into the facts before making any judgements. Many critics argue that legalization of prostitution will increase human trafficking. The profession of prostitution has always been linked with human trafficking and is one of the main reasons for the negative attitude of the world towards prostitution. However, legalising prostitution can help in decreasing human trafficking rather than increasing. For instance: Germany and New Zealand have legalized the profession of prostitution and the results are following a positive trend (Reisenwitz). There is a substantial decrease in the cases of human trafficking and violence towards the prostitutes in the above countries (Reisenwitz). It is the human tendency to be reluctant towards the matter that is prohibited and if prostitution is prohibited, less and less sex workers would choose the profession of prostitution. The people who earn substantially from this profession will require employees and they will acquire them forcefully resulting in more human trafficking. The demand for prostitutes is higher than the supply due to prohibition in various countries and thus human trafficking comes into play. Legalization
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