Prostitution Should Be Legalized

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"It's not selling your body, it's more like controlled-access rental." (Rockwell) When a man or woman becomes a prostitute, it does not mean that they automatically throw all of their rights away. They do not become any less of a citizen and they are not giving away all of their morals. They are just people that are working. Whether it be due to urgency of money, enjoyment of sex, or the empowerment they feel, it still means they have rights. Many of those rights are being restricted. That is because prostitution is illegal in the United States. By preserving it as illegal, employment rights are taken as well as, securepay, safety and protection, and health, from those who need it most. Prostitution needs to become legal in the United States.
By legalizing prostitution, prostitutes will get the chance to automatically be, and feel, safer. Prostitution is not a necessarily dangerous job, but other people make it that way for the workers. It being an illegal occupation does not help either. Prostitutes are afraid to go to the police for help or protection, due to the fact that they fear that their cry for help will be thrown back in their face, due to their (illegal) profession. In Philadelphia in 2007, a 19-year- old went to the police and set up a court case claiming to have been raped by four men while held at gun point. She brought forth the point that she was indeed a prostitute and expecting to get paid. Instead, the men refused to pay and proceeded to rape her. Judge

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