Prostitution Should Be Legalized?

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Prostitution in America Some consider prostitution to be evil, sin incarnated. They believe that the act of fornication with an unknown and unloved person is unholy and should be punishable. They may believe that those who are prostitutes are not human, but instead creatures that have given into their most primal lust. To give into the carnal temptation of sex, and to resolve it through means that are not considered normal, sentences one to eternal damnation. Or so some believe, and I respect their beliefs. However one’s belief, or even many “one’s” banding together with a unified belief, should not reflect society as a whole. It should not dictate how every one person spends their time, especially when it does not show any evidence of…show more content…
If we legalize prostitution we will be able to better regulate the conditions of prostitutes. Currently, many prostitutes are take by force, beaten, and given drugs in order remain submissive. But an equal if not greater amount of prostitutes willfully go into the business as they see it as a viable option, if not the only viable option, to make a living. The current solution to a public official finding a prostitute, no matter if they are willing or not, is to punish them through arresting and fining them. In some areas police are familiar with the prostitutes, not because they themselves use their services but because they are impounded so frequently before being bailed out by their pimps. If prostitution was legalized prostitutes would be protected by workers rights laws. They would be given a fair pay, possibly enough to get them out of their current situation and quit, and would be better protected from any violence a pimp may normally have to resort to. Furthermore, if it’s legal then more people will decide to join the occupation which will greatly diminish the need to obtain prostitutes with unethical methods. And even if said prostitutes were obtained with unethical methods the regulations against it will cause the people in charge of the kidnapping and not the victims to be punished. From a purely monetary standpoint, the prostitution business is a billion dollar industry. Currently we are spending

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