Prostitution : The Oldest Profession On Earth

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Prostitution Prostitution is considered as the oldest profession on Earth. Sexual service in return for payment is called the prostitution. Prostitution is a big issue effecting women, men, and children all over the world. This is a world-wide controversy and it is something that people are not comfortable talking about. The question is whether people who are involved in the sex industry are willingly or are forced to do it. Our society has different points of view on this issue. Some people agree and want to legalize it; some people are strictly against it. Anyway, throughout our society people look at the work in sex industry as degrading work. In some jurisdictions, prostitution is approached by three ways –regimentation, abolition,…show more content…
They also believe that legalizing prostitution would increase the spread of disease, stating that it takes several weeks to get the results from STD tests allowing an infected prostitute to continue infecting her clients. Many also believe that since most sex workers are female, the practice is demeaning to women and enhances the changes of rape and violence. Some go so far as defining prostitution as a type of rape, since it turns a woman into an object for a man 's use. Others state that prostitution increases the involvement of sexual predators and the use of minors as sex slaves (Debate). First, prostitution is closely associated with many accompanying phenomena that threaten the internal security of the country; therefore, it is perceived very negatively by our society. This means that a serious crime such as a drug-related crime, human trafficking, and commercial-sexual exploitation of children goes along with prostitution. Also, health risks (sexual transmitted diseases) accompany this activity. “Reaching sex workers is a critical effort for public health. Not only are sex workers at risk for higher rates of HIV and other STIs, sex workers who are unaware of their HIV status can endanger their own health and increase their risk of transmitting HIV or STIs to others” (CDC). In eight European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Greece, Latvia, and Turkey prostitution by itself is legal.
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