Prostitution : The Oldest Profession

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It has been said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Where there is money there will be sex and where there is sex there will be prostitution. From Ancient Greece to the streets of North America, prostitution is woven into the fabric of most societies, past and present. Although controversial, prostitution and the laws that govern this line of work in Canada have recently made headlines across the country. Canada (Attorney General) v Bedford, 2013 SCC72, [2013] 3 S.C.R 1101 has taken the world’s oldest profession from out of the shadows and into the Supreme Court of Canada, creating a stir among legislators and citizens alike. When examining this particular case and the potential impact it will have on prostitution laws in Canada, one must take into account the previous court cases that have set the stage for Canada (Attorney General) v Bedford, 2013, the criticisms and support regarding the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision and how the Canadian Government has chosen to respond.
Prostitution in itself is not illegal in Canada, however, many aspects related to prostitution are. On September 28, 2010, applicants Terri Jean Bedford, Amy Lebovitch and Valerie Scott brought a substantive challenged against the Attorney General of Canada in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on the grounds that ss.210, 212(1) and 213(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada were unconstitutional. Bedford et al. argued that these sections, pertaining to bawdy houses, living off
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