Prostitution: The Oldest Trade; An Economic and Health Problem

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Prostitution: The Oldest Trade An Economic and Health Problem Prostitution by definition is described as sexual intercourse in exchange for remuneration (Bhunu,C.P, & Mushayabasa,S.S, 2012). Prostitution has a variety of forms: Brothels, escorts, prostitution and street prostitution. Brothels are established buildings specifically dedicated to prostitution; escort services can take place at the payer’s residence or hotel room, and street prostitution is usually seen in urban areas on street corners. Women involved in prostitution are a cause for concern from both public health and economic perspectives (Murphy, 2010). The promiscuity involved in the life of prostitution creates a high risk population for contractive sexually…show more content…
The act of selling one’s body for money is degrading. For radical feminism, prostitution is defined as male domination, exploitation, and violence against women—whether entered into voluntarily or not, whether legal or illegal. As the most prominent radical feminist organization, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, proclaims on its website, “All prostitution exploits women, regardless of women’s consent (Weitzer, 2006). Prostitution is one of the more widely known and condemned forms of sexual deviance (Goode, 2011). Prostitution touches all women, rationalizes the sale of any woman, and condenses all women to sex. In the area of public health, prostitution may play a decisive factor in the spread of STDs to third parties. One should not reduce adverse health effects in prostitution to STDs (Adriaenssens, S., & Hendrickx, J, 2012). Sexually transmitted diseases are without a doubt a significant part of the health risks for the sex industry. Health and prostitution is often associated with dangerous sexual practices. We consider interactions to be unsafe when they have a significantly higher risk of leading to an infection with a STD with adverse consequences for the quality of life of the person infected (Adriaenssens, S., & Hendrickx, J, 2012). Studies show that a decline in sexually transmitted diseases occurs when condom
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