Prostitution : The World's Oldest Profession

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Prostitution is often regarded as the world’s oldest profession. As immoral and illegal as it may be regarded, it is still a profession that is utilized by people today. Commercial Sex, as it is sometimes called, is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit. Prostitution is just one of the many branches of the sex industry and is possibly the largest. Prostitution is primarily targeted towards male clientele but the profession ranges from females to males and even adults to children. Ancient Grecian history holds a large historical record of the profession and has revealed much of the experiences and behavior of the profession. Greece was a nation divided on social hierarchy, superior classes enjoyed some special rights and benefits over the inferior ones. Prostitution held its own standard in hierarchy and provided services differently to the different social classes. Pornai were at the bottom of the scale serving lower and middle class clients, while Hetaera were high-class prostitutes and escorts typically serving the upper-class clients. Male prostitutes and child slaves, although less common, were also in the sex industry at the time. Ancient Greece was founded on hierarchical ideals. These ideals stretched from Political and Religious Powers down to the common practice of prostitution. The social hierarchy of the sex industry in Greece between the 8th Century BCE and 600 CE was as follows: Pornai,
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