Prostitution Vs Prostitution

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By saying the word prostitution most people will assign it with a negative connotation, even though prostitution has many sides: some that we don’t think about. One policy for how we should deal with prostitution won’t work for every country let alone every state, but it is something we need to discuss. Here are two very different narratives of two women, not that these two accounts can generalize for all, but we can see the spectrum in a better light. I had no idea that I was being tricked . . . I was clueless. In Beijing, when I asked the madam for money, she told me to let this man take me to dinner . . . I didn't even speak Mandarin. He took me to a hotel. I had never even used an elevator before in my life. I only realized what was going on once I saw the bed in the room . . . The second time, they put something into my vagina and made me pretend to be a virgin. Afterwards, it felt all rotten inside. I had to go to the hospital, it was all stinky. The third time I tried to run away, but they caught me. I had to continue tricking clients [into thinking I was a virgin]. But afterwards I would always bleed down there. [Later] I ran away . . . and slept in the forest for two or three days . . . That whole time they would get in touch with my parents and say that everything was fine . . . The madam knew my mom (58 Boitton). We can go from an extremely horrific account to one where the ladies truthfully decided to join the profession, love it then have a normal life.
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