Prostitution in Canada

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RESEARCH PAPER Prostitution in Canada Table of Contents Introduction 3 History of prostitution in Canada 3 Definition of prostitution 4 * What is prostitution? 4 * Causes of women entering prostitution 4 * Troubled childhood 5 * Homelessness, poverty, employment and drugs 5 * Friends 6 * The most dangerous places 6 Consequences of prostitution 7 * Health and Safety Risks 7 * Health Risks 7 * Safety Risks 8 How to prevent prostitution? 9 * Legalization 9 * How to quit prostitution? 9 Conclusion 9 Works Cited 11 Prostitution in Canada…show more content…
However, even if prostitution is legal for sex trade workers who enter this lifestyle freely and deliberately, it is important to look at the choice and constraints in the performance of this deviant activity. Is prostitution a form of sexual deviance, a paid work, or a troubled response to childhood abuse? Causes of Women entering Prostitution Most street prostitutes have common backgrounds; they are women and men who come from the lower socio-economic strata, and who are or were greatly dissatisfied with some aspects of their home life (Lowman, 1992, p.54). Research on prostitution shows some basic patterns in the family backgrounds of people involved in prostitution. Often less than 18 years of age, most have few qualifications for other work. Various reasons can be invoked as to why young adults turn to prostitution; poverty, mental illness, homelessness, a history of childhood emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Troubled childhood Usually, prostitutes leave home at a very early age (67% of prostitutes enter the profession under the age of eighteen). The average age of sex workers is 13 years old (Silbert, & Pines, 1982, p.122). However, some are as young as young as 11 years old, as Wayne Chamberlain (1998) notes. All the factors influencing this decision
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