Prostitution in Love Suicides, The Life of a Sensuous Woman, and Du Tenth

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A job can easily become something so much more; it can become your lifestyle, especially when it comes to prostitution. Prostitution molds your life, the judgmental views of society, and the loving relationship one thrives off of. Love Suicides, “The Life of a Sensuous Woman”, and “Du Tenth Sinks the Jewel Box in Anger” displays prostitution significantly and has these women’s decisions, emotions, and endeavors fueled by their line of work. Trying to define and live a life of love (which the main characters seem to be longing for) when your lifestyle is filled with fits of lust, when your lifestyle is your business, and when society frowns up you poses a challenge. From the outside looking in on the lifestyle of prostitution people assume, use stereotypes, and have skewed views on these women. When your business becomes your lifestyle things are going to get intertwined. “In the first place, it interferes with business…” From a business perspective of position, love is the biggest downfall of all. Woman loosing their luster because a man took their hearts. Reading into Du Tenth and Love Suicides shows women throwing their lifestyle down the drain for this “love of their life” which is not much of a love at all. The mistresses express concern about their girls attitude changes, not because of the girl well being, but for their own monetary interests. Business is how these woman met these men that love me, they were just customers that turned into something more. In Du Tenth

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