Prostitution of Minors

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Prostitution of minors occurs all around the world. We do not notice because it may not concern us, and it is difficult to act when something does not affect us in any way. It affects you if you have children or nieces who are under age right now selling themselves to help out their families who are in need of money. What would you do right then to help them get out of that situation? That's what's going on in Europe right now when you visit, is the same thing that is happening in Mexico. There are many young girls selling themselves because they have to work to support their family. I had a personal experience with this issue when I took a trip down to Mexico with my cousins once. It was around 1:00 a.m, and we were heading back to the borderline to cross back into the U.S. On our way there I saw an empty building that was full of women and children standing outside. I told my cousin to stop, and I got out of the car to ask a girl who looked to be around 9 or 10 years old, what she was doing there I will never forget her words, " I came here to work to help out with money because right now I'm the only one who can". I told my cousin to help the girl with some money she could go home for the day, so that she did not have to do this at least for a day. Those words of hers have stuck with me to this day. Seeing these children out there that have to resort to these acts to support their family seems unfair because they are not the parents. The parents should be the
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