Protagonist: A Fictional Narrative

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Chapter: 15 ~o~ RUDE AWAKENING ~o~
Robert arrived at the five star hotel where the singer was staying with all his crew of agents, only to find evidence that the singer was actually abducted by an intruder. The door of the bathroom showed signs of forced entry, the door knob was broken from what it appeared to be a kick.
The hotel security found a wounded kitchen worker on the floor, and they have taken him to the nearest hospital. It was more than clear that the superstar have been abducted, and Robert tried hard to control his emotions so that his true feeling for the singer, could not be evident in the presence of all those people, especially in the presence of his boss.
Robert walked towards the window and stood there for a moment
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No... No...” Michael whispered as Nicolas reached to seized him, but failed because Michael shifted over to his right, but on the second attempt, Nicolas managed to trap him in his arms. The singer felt his body thrown against the bed like a feather, underneath a heavy rock. Nicolas’s hands clutched the singer’s hair underneath his head, and Michael fought hard to save himself from being raped, but it was useless. His blows were not hard enough to bring down a man like Nicolas, he was just way to tall, and too strong for a five foot nine inches tall man like Michael.
The singer wore only a bathrobe, nothing underneath, and Nicolas ripped apart.
“NOOOOO... PLEASE... NOOOO!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! HELP MEEE!!” The singer cried out and his cries soon were heard, as the door of the basement busted open. Nicolas turned his face towards the door to learned that Paul had entered the room.
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING NICOLAS!? DIDN’T I COMMANDED YOU NOT TO TOUCH HIM!!?” Paul rushed to the door and pull out his gun to shoot the cell door. The cell door opened and he pushed Nicolas against the wall. The singer quickly covered his body with the blankets, and saw a chance to escape from the cell. He rose from the bed tried to flit behind Paul’s back, but Paul pushed him back into the bed.
“YOU... STAY BACK!” He then turned his eyes at Nicolas and said.
“You gave me your word Nicolas! If you don’t keep your word, I’m going to release
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