Protecting And Maintaining The Cia Triad

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Protecting and maintaining the CIA Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) of a company 's information is essential to the organization 's success, preventing the business disruption, regulatory compliance, legal and reputation issues that accompany information security compromise. Essential to managing confidentiality and integrity are tools that aid in Identity Management or “IdM” systems that facilitate and centralize the administration of identities which must be managed to ensure secure and robust access control over company resources and information. IdIdM systems provide this service through a fine level of granular control over the primary components of access control which include identification,…show more content…
Current items of specific concern include internal processes such as payroll and irregularities that were recently reported, network security vulnerabilities, and the network design and security countermeasures that can protect the company if wisely implemented, a recent security breach, and concerns over the balance between usability and security (an ongoing debate that must be addressed when making information security plans and decisions). Jacket-X Information Security Risk Management Recommendations 3 A robust information security system with an exemplary scope of coverage is the ultimate goal and essential to the protection of company information assets and long term growth. Jacket-X IdM Requirements The organization (Jacket-X) is a publicly traded company that manages multiple facilities, and is very concerned with the security of its trade secrets. As such, a high level of integration support with other IdM vendor solutions is essential, especially as the company moves forward with new acquisitions which are on the horizon. In addition, the company is adamant about their need to support uncommon custom settings for certain groups within the
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