Protecting Civilians At The Risk Of Your Own Life Essay

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To what extent will you protect civilians, at the risk of your own life? I would risk my life to protect a civilian I swore and wrote on a dotted line that I would sacrifice my life and die for my country and well if I have to die to protect an innocent soul I would .
In the film, which is based on a real-life story, a small four man team of Navy SEALs are deep in Taliban country in Afghanistan, hiding from a much larger enemy force when they are discovered by a goat herder. This chance encounter reveals itself to be a fraught moral decision without any good outcomes. On the one hand, they can let the goat herder go, but be almost certain that the goat herder will alert the enemy to their location. Or, they could kill, maim, or in some way disable the goat
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What do you do? Consequently, wars tend to lead to important moral and ethical dilemmas. Choices like whether to attack a terrorist, if you know in doing so you'll also hurt civilians. Or, whether to follow orders, when you know that doing so could lead to your own death. These are ten films that offered interesting, fascinating, or just downright fascinating moral and ethical dilemmas. Personally, I see no honor in dying in the trenches. If I knew death was certain, I would most likely do anything I could to get out of the situation. Honor suddenly seems a bit overrated. (At least, I hope I would do this. There's a good chance that like a lemming flinging itself over a cliff, that I'd be swept up by the paralyzing fear of the situation and simply find myself doing what all my other fellow soldiers were doing.) Basically trying to come up with another alternative without having any blood shed involved. In this situation I would try to let the civilians know that were not bad people and that we only want the best for them and I would advise them to let go the herd just so less people would get hurt in the
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