Protecting Human Rights Against Terrorism

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Law enforcement in the nation should have one single goal in each city in which they serve. That duty is protect and serve the nation in order to make it safe for citizens. Each officer take an oath by swearing in before they begin this career. Some law enforcement officers are doing their job unethical by not protecting human rights or even considering them. Terrorism has been a problem in society for several decades and as time has continued to pass it has been the duty of law enforcement to protect human rights while countering terrorism. Law enforcement is to be trusted to upkeep the laws of the nation and individuals to look up to them in honor. All citizens of the nation have the right to due process, equality and to peaceful protest at all times. When citizens have a concern about their safety they shouldn’t be treated as the enemy, hence individuals are free to exercise their rights without having the fear of decimation or other abuse whereas, citizens have rights also. Within this research paper I will be discussing protecting human rights while countering terrorism by first giving history of human rights, how human rights relevant to terrorism, fighting terrorism with violating human rights, and last but not least how terrorism have an impact on terrorism.
Each individual within society have certain human rights. When human rights was first considered people acquired rights and responsibility through certain types of groups od clubs that was members of such as

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