Protecting Information with a Secure Network Essay

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Why is it necessary to find Alternative Solution? Protecting information and critical infrastructure in a cohesive way that quantifies policies and procedures is imperative for implementing a proactive privacy risk management plan. In doing so, you gain the necessary framework and principals to share essential operational data for use in cybersecurity while focusing on policy cohesiveness between intra government agencies, the private sector, and securing critical infrastructures. (Claffy & Kenneally, 2010). Accountability and liability for implementing a secure network fall into the hands of a team of law and policy makers, operational support teams, and users. Current communication gaps are leading to policy restraints thus …show more content…

Ensure practices for incident recovery.
Implications on Approaches Adoption due to lack of training, resources and budget is implications on approaches for implementation. Privacy guidelines protect disclosure of information, however there’s gap when securing data. Be careful to implement policy that isn’t legislatively intrusive or bureaucratic, thus causing interferences to your approach. (Brenner, 2010).
Federal Action: Policy and Procedure Management Brenner states, “Change in the U.S. is driven by three things respectively; liability, market demand, and regulatory (federal).” (Brennan, 2010, p. 34). The U.S. places no credibility on liability, though as I’ve stated, there is clear liability here. Market demand is driven by price, and well consumers aren’t willing to pay the price for security. Incidents such as identity theft drives demand therefore Federal action to improve the posture for internet security.
Implementation Approach The following are recommended approaches for Federal action (Brennan, 2010, p. 35):
1. Assign a cybersecurity manager with proper authority to appropriate and make decisions.
2. Assess risk and liabilities, and determine needs.
3. Develop policies based on needs, educate and develop training.
4. Use government’s enormous purchasing power to enforce higher security standards of its venders. This would include verifiable

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