Protecting Our Schools from More School Shootings

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The U.S. has endured more than 70 school shootings with a death toll exceeding 230. (Locked Down & Loaded). In a recent report issued by xx, the guidelines emphasize that there is no foolproof way to identify a potential active shooter or to respond to the event once it's begun. Each case is unique, though there are some signs that have been identified by the FBI and others -- acquisitions of weapons, or fascination with previous shootings, for instance -- as potential tip-offs (Zubrzycki, Jaclyn, and Nirvi Shah). But what happens when the shooting rampage has begun? The guide releasd by President Barack Obama, instructs people to learn the best steps for survival if a situation does erupt; and work with law enforcement during the…show more content…
At 11:24 am, the school resource officer, Deputy Sheriff Neil Gardner, returned from lunch and exchanged fire in a long-distance gun battle with Harris and Klebold before they entered the building. Deputy Gardner did not enter the building to pursue the killers, nor did any of the other Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies, who arrived within minutes. A SWAT team quickly assembled outside the school, but the team did not enter the building until approximately 12:06 P.M. ("Columbine High School Tragedy" p.) The first SWAT personnel entered the east side of the school (far from where the killers were known to be) at 12:06 p.m. For the next several hours the police continued to “contain the perimeter”—searching and securing one room at a time, starting with the rooms farthest from where the killers had last been spotted. In the meantime, Klebold and Harris were shooting people inside the school. Among their victims was teacher Dave Sanders (age 47), who was holding a door open so that students could flee. If Dave Sanders had been trained and armed with a handgun or given access to a handgun in a rampage shooting situation, could he have prevented the shooter right then and there or even saved his own life? This example shows that waiting for law enforcement training and action taken may not be the most effective and relying on them you could. There is a xx time span of when the shootings took place and the last deaths occurred. Law

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