Protecting Society: One Shot at a Time

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Katie Kostorowski Mrs. Stroup Honors Language Arts 14 March 2015 Protecting Society: One Shot at a Time Measles, a disease that once was thought to be practically extinct in America, is unfortunately again on the rise. In the year 2000, national leaders in the United States declared that measles had been eliminated within the country, however, from January 1, 2014 to August 29, 2014, there were 592 Measles cases in the United States (Koplowitz 1). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have attributed these cases to parents refusing to have their children vaccinated. Within the past two months, there have been 102 cases of measles reported in 14 states (Grady 1). Vaccinations have proven to be extremely effective. After…show more content…
The final popular reason for opposition to vaccinations is related to the desire to raise one’s children in an “all natural and organic state”. Many of these parents fear food and consumer goods that are chemically synthesized. Since this is a fairly new concept, no scientist truly understands how all of the GMO (genetically modified organism) produced food and pesticides that are used will affect them in the long run. However, vaccinations are different. Scientists have been conducting research on vaccines for decades. They have seen the short-term side effects-which last a few days if they occur at all and the long-term effects of every vaccination. When a person receives a vaccine, s/he is being administered a dead germ that will cause the body to produce protective substances called antibodies ("Immune Response: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia"1). These antibodies will protect the body and promote the immune system. Scientists are certain they are not harmful to the body that they occupy. Parents being concerned about their children’s health is admirable; however, before they refuse vaccinations for a child, they should be properly informed. Many parents do not realize the danger they put the rest of society in when they refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children. A person who cannot get vaccinated because of allergies or
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