Protecting The Nation 's Security Essay

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Homeland Security is about effectively managing risks to the Nation’s security (DHS, 2010). The Department of Homeland Security and many other security and defense organizations rely on a process of identifying risks, the consequences of those risks, the vulnerabilities of a potential threat, and the likelihood of a specific target (infrastructure, resource, and/or people) will actually suffer the attack. This process is commonly referred to as Risk Management. Risk Management is the “process for identifying, analyzing, and communicating risk and accepting, avoiding, transferring, or controlling it to an acceptable level considering associated costs and benefits of any actions taken” (DHS, 2015). A protected and secure nation does not just mean detecting and stopping future terrorist attacks from being successfully carried out. It also means guaranteeing the freedom Americans enjoy, that privacy is safeguarded, and that America’s and American’s ability to connect with the rest of the world through travel, trade, and commerce remains secured for generations to come. Risk is the identification of hazards likely to result in disaster. Probability is the estimation of the likelihood of such events. Loss is the evaluation of the social consequences of the hazard. The standard risk assessment formula is Risk = Probability x Loss (Masse et al, 2007). Additionally, The basic equation for risk is defined as R = ƒ(C*V*T). In this equation or formula, “R” represents
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