Protecting Your Reputation Through Inbound Marketing

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Protecting your Reputation through Inbound Marketing As a business, your reputation is one of the most important things that you have. Unfortunately, it is also something that can take a direct hit when a customer has a bad experience. Today, it is easy to go online and give a business a bad review. Not only can this bad review damage the reputation of the company in question, but it can also cause them to lose money at the same time. So, what can you do to fight back against these bad reviews and protect your reputation? While the first response may be to avoid being on review sites altogether, this is not the answer. In fact, search engines actually look for businesses that have a strong presence on these sites. Instead, fight back against bad reviews with inbound marketing. The basic principle behind inbound marketing, when it comes to reputation management, is that you want as much positive content out there about your business as possible. With this in place, there will be a decreased impact when you do have a bad review. Bad Reviews are Good This absolutely sounds counter-intuitive. You want bad reviews to appear? But, it 's true, in part. A company that only has bad reviews is looked upon by consumers and search engines alike as being less than trust worthy. It 's nearly impossible for every single customer you do business with to have a pleasant experience. Bad reviews are guaranteed to come. Consumers know this. They know you aren 't perfect. They expect to see a

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