Protecting Your Rights, Yourself, And Your Community

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Eric Siu
Mrs. Casey
English 2H / P7
30 October 2015
Protecting Your Rights, Yourself, and Your Community “Stand Your Ground” laws allow citizens to fight back a threat or an attack that will harm them. Opponents of the laws believe that they will only bring chaos and increase the crime rate. However, supporters of the law believe the laws protect the citizens and their right to self-defense. Stand your ground laws are beneficial to the community and essential to protecting a citizen’s right to self-defense, as well as to his / her family or neighborhood; stand your ground laws suit the situation better than a retreat law would. Self-defense is a human right given by birth and one should never be denied the right to defend one’s life. In the article “Self Defense Is a Human Right”, Chris Cox states, “Your right to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones when faced with a deadly threat is not bestowed on you by government. Indeed, self-defense is the most fundamental of all human rights, and it’s the duty of our elected officials to preserve it” (Cox 2013). Cox says that the government should protect and support your right to defend yourself and your loved ones. You should not get punished for defending your own family from harm. It should be common sense and rational that one may use force to stop deadly force. Cox attempts to show that stand your ground laws should be a right given by being human and that being punished for being the defender is not how the
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