Protection Of Life And Safeguarding People Essay

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Table of Contents Contents Table of Contents 1 1.0-Summary of Project/Scheme 2 2.0-Triple Bottom Line Analysis 2 2.1-Environmental 2 2.2-Social 3 2.3-Economical 3 3.0-Ethics for Carrying Out Project Review 3 3.1-Protection of Life and Safeguarding People 3 3.2-Professionlism, Integrity, and Competence 3 3.3-Commitment to Community Well-being 4 3.4-Sustainable Management and Care of the Environment 4 3.5-Sustaining Engineering Knowledge 4 Reference 4 1.0-Summary of Project/Scheme A proposition has been made for a dam (Ruataniwha Water Storage) to be built in Hawke’s Bay, this dam will be built to tackle the drought problem that Hawke’s bay has had for a few years now. The dam will also be used to better sustain the water resources in the Tukituki catchment area that become dry and depleted of water during the summer periods, which can also affect the aquatic life. The dam will cost nearly $1 billion dollars to build, with payments being made from the public, and private investors. The dam will be built in the upper Makaroro river, and will hold 93,000,000 m3 of water which will be used as a stable source of water for irrigation, and to sustain the rivers during the summer, drought periods, or times of high water needs. The dam will have walls that go 83m high and will go for 7km’s, but changes are still be made to the project, with new pumping station being placed, to decrease the amount of money farmers would have to pay to use the water for their farm.
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