Protection Over Animals : Animal Abuse

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Protection Over Animals We should understand that animals have feelings and have a brain even though they do not have the same physical appearance as we do. I believe people that are caught committing the acts of abuse, the consequences of breaking the animal laws should be strongly enforced. In reality I’m sure that I am not the only person who would love nothing than to help our loving animals to live a full and happy life. The reason for my paper is to reach out to people on how important animals are, just as much as we are important. I also believe that we should all want to help animals and keep them safe from abuse because no living breathing creature deserves to go through that. Animal abusers should have harsher punishments for animal abuse due to the cruelty inflicted on the animals, the rights of animals, and the inhumane things done during animal testing (Report 1). People in our society use our animals for all the wrong reasons. Our pets and wild life are meant to be loved and handled with care, people have always exploited animals. With the people of today’s society, some of our wildlife species could become extinct because of the fact that people hunt and kill animals for fun and sport. In the last ten years the idea that animals have rights has gained acceptance in Europe, the United States and Australia. The main arguments in this book is that people should respect the fact that animals do have rights. All animals should be treated with love, care and
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