Protection for Executives against Fraudulent Acts

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Fraud How would you protect corporate executives of fraudulent acts against them? What would be your plan of action? How would you implement your measures? The best way to protect executives against fraudulent acts is to establish an active system of monitoring. This will occur, using three services to monitor against possible misuse of their personal information. These protection services will watch for unauthorized activities at the major credit bureaus. In the event that there is some kind of issue, the individual would receive a phone call about these changes. This is when they can verify or deny that they authorized this kind of activity. (Biegelman, 2009, pp. 295 312) At the same time, there must be a strategy that will educate executives on how to protect their personal information. This will be accomplished using a workshop that will teach them about the warning signs of fraud and specific strategies to safeguard against it. For example, if there is someone trying to steal an executive's identity. The monitoring services will serve, as the first line of defense to immediately prevent the fraud before it occurs. To reduce the chances of this person becoming a target in the future, the prevention strategies will limit access to any kind of personal information. Over the long term, the combination of these two factors will control how the information is used and monitored. (Biegelman, 2009, pp. 295 312) The way that these measures would be implemented is in two
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