Protection of Vulnerable People: Older Adults With Dementia

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Protection of Vulnerable People: Older Adults with Dementia Definition of Vulnerable Dementia refers to a syndrome which results in deterioration in thinking, memory, behavior, and ability to execute everyday activities and duties. Despite the fact that the syndrome is mainly associated with the older people, it is not a normal aspect or part of ageing. One of the major causes of dementia is the aspect of Alzheimer's disease. This disease contributes to about 60 to 70 percent of the cases of dementia. Dementia possesses psychological, physical, economic, and social impacts in relation to the family, caregivers, and the entire society. Dementia affects each individual in a diverse or different way with reference to the impact of the disease and personality following the development of the syndrome (Gao et al, 2013 p. 447). There are three stages in relation to understanding of the signs and symptoms of dementia. The first stage is the concept of early stage which is associated with overlooking of dementia because of the gradual onset. Common signs during this stage include forgetfulness, loss of track of the time, and lost in the familiar places. The second stage is the middle stage following clear and restricting signs of dementia. Some of the signs during this stage include forgetfulness of events and names, lost at home, communication difficulties, and changes in behavior such as repeated questioning. The final stage is known as the last stage. This stage is
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