Protective Order

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Protective Order CJHS/430 November 20, 2015 The main purpose of having what we know to be called Law in place is to help protect the people as a whole. It is to provide the necessary protection and give out legal penalties if someone was to break the laws. The purpose and main for a protective order is to protect someone from harm of another individual. It helps those that may be in harm of sexual, physical, mental abuse, stalking, harassment as well as those that have issues with neighbors’. Pretty much a protective order is put in place to help citizens be protective of any form of abuse by anyone. According to (findlaws) protective orders are court-ordered documents that require the person named in the order to stay away from…show more content…
On the behalf of their family that is being abused. While many may already feel that protection orders does not protect when it really needs too. According to J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 38:3:376-385 protection orders are legal interventions designed to reduce the risk of a future threat or harm by a person who is determined to pose a threat to another. That would be another reason why it should not be limited to who is able to apply. Another thing that I would like to see changed is the fact that there is a fee that may have to be paid and although her in Indiana that fee can be waived it could still be intimidating to the individual that is needing to file. The price for a restraining order/protective order should be free of charge. For the sake of neither the individual filing have to worry about having money and them being concerned financially for the one they are filing against. I would also like to add to the list that anyone that files for a protective order should undergo counseling, and relationship classes especially if they have any intentions on reuniting with their abuser. Reference:
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