Protein Bodybuilding Research Paper

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As most bodybuilders and strength athletes know, serious amounts of protein are required to build muscle along with high levels of anabolic hormones.

Simply stated, when the correct stimulus is applied to the a serious bodybuilding workout, steroid hormones attach to receptors on the muscle surface. The steroids stimulate the muscle to metabolize protein and the result is muscle and strength gains.Higher levels of steroid hormones means greater stimulus of the muscle. This can be accomplished with the use of legal steroids alternatives, However, the stimulus or message to the muscle is useless if high levels of protein are unavailable. It is a message that
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8 grams protein

The rule of thumb for successful bodybuilding is 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. When legal steroids are present in the bloodstream add 50 grams of protein to get maximum muscle building results.

A 180 pound bodybuilder will need 230 grams of protein daily to take full advantage of the muscle building power of legal steroid alternatives that boost testosterone, growth hormone and other anabolic hormones.

And don't forget to boost your protein levels as you gain weight to match bodyweight.

One last important consideration:

Whey protein is the best bodybuilding protein available. It bypasses the digestive system and goes straight to the bloodstream. The best way to utilize whey is 1 scoop prior to working out and 1 scoop immediately after. Rely on other protein sources throughout the day to meet protein requirements. If you rely solely on whey you will be going through a whole can every other
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