Protein, Fibre And Carbohydrate Contents Of Pinus Gerardiana

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The results obtained from proximate composition of both plants indicate that the protein, fibre and carbohydrate contents of Pinus gerardiana were higher than that of Garcinia kola. The protein value of the Garcinia kola (1.4%) and Pinus gerardiana (2.1%) were found to be lower than those of Amaranthus viridus (16.41%), Amaranthus caudatus (20.59%), Talinum triangulare (31.00%), Adansonia digitata (4.55%), Piper guineensis (8.75%) and Eugenia caryophyllus (5.60%) (Pandey et al., 2006; Akindahunsi & Salawu, 2005; Gbadamosi et al., 2011), but higher than Nauclea latifolia (0.64%) (Egbung et al., 2011). The RDA for protein is in the range of 28-65 g for children, lactating mothers, pregnant women and adults (Adinortey et al., 2012). The crude fibre value of Pinus gerardiana (8.75%) and Garcinia kola (1.30%) was lower than those of Morinda lucida, Adansonia digitata, Khaya senegalensis, Alstonia boonei and Eugenia caryopphyllus which are (17.00, 37.00, 22.00, 30.00 and 12.00) % respectively (Gbadamosi et al., 2011), and higher than that of Gnetum africanum (4.60%) and M. ureans (4.00%) (Ekpo, 2007). Adequate intake of dietary fibre has been reported to posses the ability of lowering serum cholesterol level, heart disease, hypertension, constipation, diabetes and breast cancer (Ishida et al., 2000). The moisture content of Garcinia kola and was higher than that of Pinus gerardiana. Although the values obtained for Garcinia kola (19.92%) and Pinus gerardiana (7.14%) revealed

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