Protest Atheism: The Myth that Denies God's Existence Due to Evil

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Protest Atheism: The Myth That Denies Gods Existence Due to Evil INTRODUCTION THESIS
Theology is an intentionally reflective endeavor. Every day we reflect upon the real, vital, and true experience of the benevolent God that exists. We as humans tend to be social beings, and being so we communicate our beliefs with one another in order to validate ourselves. Furthermore atheism has many forms, three of the most popular atheistic beliefs include: scientific atheism, humanistic atheism and the most popular one being protest atheism. Scientific atheism is the idea that science is the answer for everything and god is not existent. The humanistic approach states that society is
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It is a cry that screams, “That’s not fair!” ( In addition if God was a “good” God or even existed why wouldn’t it effect the evil on the planet i,e serial killers,rapist,murders etc etc. Instead the evil in the world seems to take the good young and evil to remain living. Furthermore but what if God did not exist at all? Karl Marx was a very famous German philosopher who was a critic of religion. Marx’s views on religion were extremely atheistic. Marx believed that religion was a fairytale, used to motivate those in poverty and by this method it gave them false spiritual hope. Humans do not like to not know, by this humans have a difficult time with explaining the unexplained and to ease their minds they come up with ideas and theories that could potential explain what is happening at hand. To explain why miracles happen, human created religion or this so called “God” to help explain questions of humanity, that at that time were unexplainable through scientific facts. For most this was sufficient, but philosophers wanted more concrete answers, or had their own theories that helped support their opinions. Marx’s views on religion are examples of how even one of the most intelligent philosophers can interpret the actions of the Church in a different manner. A quote that emphasizes a Marxist view on religion

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