Protest Begets Freedom Analysis

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Protesting begets Freedom Imagine walking down the street and witnessing a woman receiving a slap across the face for trying to acquire medical treatment without permission. Imagine if a woman was not allowed to work and provide for herself. Imagine if the ability to decide one’s own decisions never existed. Imagine if one could not self-express their beliefs by wearing a head scarf. Imagine a father struggling to explain to his sad daughter why she cannot be transported to an amusement park, or to his innocent confused son the reason people treat a race with such cruelty. Imagine if the reason a race was discriminated and segregated was because of the color of their skin. Imagine if this was “freedom” people live every day. Imagine if freedom…show more content…
Johnson case, the court agreed that “The way to preserve the American flag is not to punish those who feel differently about these matters” (Brennan 16). The court’s decision gave the freedom to American people to self-express their opinions and beliefs. Texas V. Johnson’s opinion was a powerful statement for freedom of expression. Freedom is not inequality. Specifically, women in Saudi Arabia are treated unfairly due to the society’s gender discrimination. According to “Seven things women in Saudi Arabia cannot do” ‘Women must obtain permission from a male guardian.’ They do not have the freedom to do everyday tasks without a guardian. Being an equal is not to be treated unfairly, it is to have the ability to hone one’s own decisions. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to protest and they still do not possess individual freedoms. Also, in “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, Martin Luther King talked about being miserably unable to bring his kids to an enjoyable public amusement park that prohibited African Americans. Freedom is not when one finds themselves breaking their kids heart, watching their eyes fill with tears, because of an absurd rule that segregates a race. Equality is respect for others; it is integration of…show more content…
Such as, the story of a teenage girl named Samantha Elauf. She was turned down for a job at Abercrombie according to the article, “Who gets to work Abercrombie?” because of her religious beliefs. This incident led to the court case “E.E.O.C v. Abercrombie”. This court found that the company did in fact discriminate against Samantha. This resulted in Abercrombie adjusting their “look policy”, which allows the wearing of head scarf if they choose so and the fairness of obtaining a job. Furthermore, in the “Texas v. Johnson” court opinion, William J. Brennan publically acknowledged, “Our decision is a reaffirmation of the principles of freedom and inclusiveness that the flag best reflects, and of the conviction that our toleration of criticism such as Johnson’s is a sign and source of our strength” (16). He influenced many significant court decisions leading to the freedom to burn an American flag. The founding fathers were determined to ensure the basic rights of citizens and included the right of
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