Protest Music In The Vietnam War

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Protest music was an effective tool used as a weapon in peaceful protest in America during their involvement in the Vietnam War. Singers and songwriters would express their views through the lyrics of their songs, effectively spreading awareness and informing people about the changes that need to take place, and the ideas of peace over war. Protest music was a major contributor in the escalating support for the peace movements, as well as many other movements, against the horrors of the Vietnam War and increasing acts of sexism, racism and the lack of equality in America in the 1950s and 1960s. Many famous artists took the initiative to write protest songs to spread awareness about the cause, generating a broader impact and having different…show more content…
But a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over”, (Source E), this quote is an excellent example of why protest music is such an effective form of protest, it influences its listeners to really take in what the song is saying, therefor leaving a mark in the persons mind – potentially resulting in the person fighting for change. The main idea of protesting through song was aimed at informing and influencing its listeners to unite and fight towards a common goal. The youth of the time, being manipulated by the older generations, were influenced drastically by the protest songs being played. The young Americans saw the need for change and when presented with the solution, through the songs being played, they would challenge the older generations views to ultimately obtain peace. They aimed to change the views of the older generation, as they believed that the only way peace could be possible was if the “status quo” changed (Source E). The use of protest music in the 1960’s was highly effective in educating the youth about the dangers of conformity, the irrational ideas of American involvement in the Vietnam War and the need for peace in the world, therefore contributing to the protest action and to the termination of the conscription of American troops in
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