Protest Music 's Influence On The Vietnam War

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Protest Music’s Influence on the Vietnam War
Andrew W. Long
Pickens Academy
Coach Tyler

Protest music influenced the Vietnam War in many ways. It changed how people thought about it, and also how people got through it. Most people would listen to the music and not be sad about the war anymore. Protest music also influenced political choices during the Vietnam War. It helped to bring the war to an end.

Protest Music’s Influence on the Vietnam War Music is influential in society. Music is a way to express one’s feelings or opinions about something. During the Vietnam war, music was used to express the opinion that the United States should not be in the Vietnam war.
The Vietnam War was the period when the United States of
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He soon started a peace campaign and said that he had no intention of escalating the the war unless he absolutely had to. He then got re elected as president of the United States, because of his peace campaign. He then, slowed down the war and made it come to an end. It was believed that America should not be in the Vietnam war. This is because of many reasons. One reason is that the war in Vietnam did not directly affect the United States in any way. United States officials believed that Communism violated democracy, so they wanted to fight in the Vietnam war just to try and stop Communism. Others believed that the United States fought in the war just to show their dominance as a country. Another reason that the United States should not have fought in the Vietnam War was because of how much money it would cost. It seemed like a waste of money to the general public since there would be no immediate effect. A big reason why people protested the Vietnam War was because of all the casualties that were bound to happen. Most people felt like the soldiers being sent were dying for no reason, and there would be no reward for their risk. Most of all United States citizens were mad about the draft. The Vietnam War began on November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975. During this twenty year period there were many artists making music. The artists that were popular at this time expressed their opinions on the Vietnam War. The ones that were against the
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