Protest Poetry And Indigenous Rights Movement

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Protest Poetry and Indigenous Rights Movement
Protest poetry is any form of poetry which has, as one of its main functions, the objective of finding fault with some existing current event or circumstance. This kind of poetry often focuses on the misdeeds performed by a government upon its people. It can also be a reaction to some overriding societal ill, like war or racism. The most effective forms of protest poetry combine the qualities that make up any great poem with a genuine passion about the subject. Protest poems can stimulate a reader 's interest and empathy, and sometimes spur him or her into action. Protest poetry focus on values and ideas for example the gay rights in Australia people are fighting to get there thoughts out so
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Jack Davis was protesting so the indigenous could become an Australia citizen, in 1965 the indigenous was agreed to be Australian citizen so this meant they could go to a hotel and pubs. In 1967 Jack become the director of aboriginal advanced cancels.Biographical information.Jack Davis, was an Aboriginal Australia poet and playwright, Jack was born March 11 1917 in Yarloop around 124.5 km away from Perth, he died March 17 2000 in Fremantle. Jack was one of a family of 11 raised by his parents William and Alice. Jacks dad was a very good sportsman, he played cricket for his country district and he also played football for West Perth. His dad was a timber worker on a low wage struggling to raise his family. When Jack was 4 his dad died in tragic accident where a bull gored and his neck snapped. Shortly after this accident Jack Davis was sent to Moore River native settlement where jack stayed there for 9 months with other indigenous children these kids are taken from their parents to get better educations in the European ways. In 1930 Jack and most of his brother came to Perth looking for work, while his 5 sister stayed at home looking after the Brookton property and their mother. When Jack was in Perth he found himself in jail for protesting against a curfew imposed on the indigenous. Jack worked as a horse breaker, boundary rider, drove and head stockman, was a teacher at Sunday school and also was lay perching, when Jack returned to Brookton he signed up
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