Protestant Propaganda

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Protestant Propaganda What do you think of when you hear the name Ireland? Ireland is a relatively small island off the coast of Great Britain with a land area of 32,424 square miles (Delaney 2). There are several things that you may associate with this country such as St. Patrick’s Day, shamrocks, beer, and strife. The source of the bitterness behind this conflict began centuries ago, when Britain came over and forced Protestantism on the Irish Catholic inhabitants. For this reason there has always been an animosity between the Protestants and the Irish Catholics. The island is broken up into two distinct regions. The Republic of Ireland consists of twenty-six counties, which make up the southern…show more content…
This event gave the Catholics yet another reason to dislike the Unionists. The Unionists also used crooked politics to ensure Protestant control. One way of doing this was by gerrymandering the political district lines. For example, one ward was ninety percent Catholic while the rest of the Catholics were scattered about in Protestant wards (Golway 280). By dividing the districts this way it made the Catholic votes virtually meaningless. Then, the Protestant controlled government passed the Civil Authorities Act. This Act granted the government the right to search homes without a warrant, impose curfews, and randomly arrest citizens even if no real crime had been committed. The Catholics were the ones who were primarily oppressed by these laws. Other laws limited the education of Catholics, restricted them from holding office, and they were also discriminated against on the job. Protestants filled many of the positions leaving the Catholics jobless (Golway 280). This policy of discrimination helped inflate the already high poverty rate in Ire that they could feed their family, they also had to worry about curfews and being arrested for no apparent reason. This is not right. The government should not be allowed to pass laws that would help single out a certain minority. This is an example of how propaganda can be used in politics. I do not agree with some of the methods used to spread
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