Protestant and Catholic Troubles in Ireland

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The troubles emerged as the result of several years of the escalating incidents between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. The troubles have been protracted and costly in every sense of the world. From the first civil rights marches in 1968 till the signing of The Good Friday Agreement in 1998, 3,500 people died and over 35,000 were injured in Northern Ireland as the direct result of the aggressive violence , rebellion, bombings, murders, and terror tactics. The Catholic and Protestant troubles and conflicts had a significantly impact on Ireland. This serious issue had impacted the lives of individuals and families that took place or witness the gruesome events that the troubles had causes, the political change and reform of …show more content…
On the Protestant side the Ulster Defence Association and others terrorized the Catholic population. The violence that lasted for over three decades known as the Troubles has considerably impacted and affected the lives of all ages, during the Troubles sixty percent of deaths were due to the Republican military, twenty percent of deaths were due to the loyalists, ten percent of deaths were due to the British Army, and two percent of deaths were due to the police. Johnson, Wesley (Statistics of Deaths in the Troubles in Ireland). Restating that over 3,500 people had died and over 35,000 were injured, it was estimated that 103 people were killed under the age of seventeen during the troubles, an estimated that 150 children under the age of fourteen were either killed or injured during the troubles. The Troubles had immensely impacted the lives of children in Northern Ireland; studies suggest intense and severe childhood experiences as a result of political motivated violence, which even effected children’s development and general sense of wellbeing, even today this is a difficult thing to scale. It is also said that the children of Ireland lived in the most deprived regions in the United Kingdom due to the rise in family poverty. Mental health was also greatly affected by the violence the Troubles had caused. A study was conducted, assessing people aged sixteen to sixty-four about their mental health,
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