Protests Riots Of The United States

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Protests riots in the United States has proven to an issue for both the country’s financial strength and the unity of the nation. With the presence of social injustices, combined with the increased impact of social media propaganda, protests riots are beginning to reach an all time high. Protest riots destroy individual communities and businesses, jeopardizes the safety of others and taints the protest’s cause by resorting to civil disobedience. Action must be done in order to prevent these random acts of violence from continuing after every social hot topic. The goal is not to prevent citizens from protesting; in fact, this should be encouraged. The goal is to change the way the protests are handled from both the citizens and authority perspectives, in order to prevent these protests from escalating into something dangerous.
There are three solutions that need to be introduced in order to correct the problems caused by protest riots. If police officers change their approach when dealing with protests, there is a smaller chance that a protest will escalate into a riot. Also if there are hidden cameras implanted around the community and inside policer officer uniforms more people will be caught for their actions.If rioters embrace a more peaceful approach toward social injustices, they will be higher regarded by the general public.
Purvi Shah, a demonstrator in the 2014 Ferguson protest, described her first account experience in the middle of the Ferguson riot. “I close my
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