Protocol, Types Of Protocols And Their Importance

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Data communication allows individuals and companies to transmit or receive information from one point to another. For two or more devices to communicate, there should be some mechanism or medium that can link them to help them achieve their goals. This mechanism or medium is governed by rules or laws defining a format is called a protocol. This is because all communications between devices require that the devices agree on proper format of the data. There are variety of standard protocols from which programmers can choose based on the resources available and mainly on the requirements. For e.g. if reliability is very important, then reliable protocols such as TCP should be used. Each protocol has its own advantage and restrictions. Depending on several factors such as speed, reliability, simplicity, programmers choose these protocols. In this essay, I am going to address the history of protocol, types of protocols and their importance.
Technologies related to internetworking is growing rapidly day by day. “A network is a group of connected, communicating devices such as computers and printers.” When two or more networks exists and communicate with each other, it is known as an internet. We know, Internet is the most notable internet, which is composed of thousands of interconnected networks. Any individual or any organization such as schools, private or government firms, libraries use Internet for one or the other reason. This internetworking technology started in…
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