Protocols Of Encryption And Encryption

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1. Objective
2. Introduction
3. Encryption
a. Asymmetric Encryption
b. Symmetric Encryption
4. Examples of encryption
5. Cryptography
6. Email Encryption
a. Advantages of Encryption Email
b. Disadvantages of Encryption Email
c. Why use the Encryption Email
7. Use of Encryption
8. How it works
9. Protocols of the Email Encryption
a. PGP
c. Message Encryption
d. Mail session Encryption
e. TLS
10. Conclusion
11. References


Email Encryption is the very important topic of todays need. Because it provides the proper security to the message. And in now days everybody wants the proper security for our message so that the original message as it is read by the recipient that are send by the sender without any changes/alternation in the message. So this is the very important topic to cover up and secure our messages from unauthorized user’s access. That provide the security to our communication. So, we can easily communicate without any afraid of hacking of data.

INTRODUCTION:- Encryption is the most effective way to provide the data security. It is a process which converts original information into a difficult-to-interpret form. The original information is known as plain text and the converted information/message is commonly known as cipher text.
In now a days you email delicate, individual and business data to your recipients, then encryption is likely a need. But still 99% of all emails movement goes
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