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1 Introduction This paper investigates the background, history, problems emerged and ways to improve of Proton cars in Malaysia. The objective of this paper is not only to find out the problems faced by Proton, but also to discuss the ways in order to improve the Proton reliability and retrieve the supporter’s heart to keep using Proton car in the automotive sector. However, in this competitive time where there are a lot of so-called competitors such as Hyundai, Toyota, and Perodua no matter foreign or local brand cars had caused the Proton car buyers to reduce significantly. This phenomenon occurred not merely because of the high quality of other cars; it also ascribed by Proton’s problems itself. This can be seen as the…show more content…
The following year, PROTON launched the Proton Saga 1.5l saloon and Aeroback models. By then, over 50 000 units of the Proton Saga had been produced and sold in Bangladesh, Brunei, New Zealand, Malta and Sri Lanka. Soon after, PROTON cars were distributed in the United Kingdom. PROTON's model line-up includes the Waja, Satria GTi, Wira, Iswara, Arena, Perdana V6 and Juara. The range of 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 liters engines satisfies a wide spectrum of customers both locally and abroad. PROTON's main plant in Shah Alam, with an area of 923 900 sq. meters, was originally designed for a capacity of 80 000 units per year. In 1997, capacity increased to 230 000 units per year with the construction of the Medium Volume Factory, which is next to the Main Plant. Today, the Shah Alam factory is capable of producing 240 000 vehicles per year. Besides being shareholders, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation are also PROTON's technical assistance partner and component supplier. PROTON has a total of 11 subsidiaries and 11 associate companies, which are involved in manufacturing, research and development, sales and service activities. December 30, 1996, marked the launch of the Proton Putra, a two-door coupe, as well the production of our millionth car from the Shah Alam plant. PROTON made a major step in upgrading its engineering capabilities with the acquisition of Lotus Group International Limited, a British automotive engineering company and

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