Proton vs Perodua Case Study

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# ROTON: THE CASE STUDY New Ventures Innovation Research & Development Capitalizing on Human Asset OR ANOTHER RE-STRUCTURING???

* Perodua , acronym of Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Berhad (in English, Second Automobile Manufacturer Limited Corporation) is Malaysia 's second automobile manufacturer after Proton . It was established in 1993 .

* Perodua mainly produces compact cars and therefore does not actually compete with Proton for the same market niche. In the United Kingdom their cars are sold by Proton dealers who wish to attract those customers seeking a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Proton range.


* The Perodua Kancil is Daihatsu Mira while Kelisa is
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Among DRB-HICOM’s plans for Proton if the government allows them to take over part of their 39% stake in Proton is the merger of Proton Edar and DRB-HICOM’s distribution unit EON, which also sells Proton cars amongst other marques.

* DRB-HICOM says it can turn Proton into a profitable company within 2 years. DRB-HICOM also has no issues with working with a foreign partner in efforts to turn Proton around and lead it towards success. If no foreign partner is selected, DRB-HICOM already has existing working relationships with Renault and GM.

* Other local parties interested in Proton include Naza and Mofaz, but DRB-HICOM is pretty confident in this matter. DRB-HICOM executive adviser of the group’s automotive and component division Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Omar says he believes DRB-HICOM has a 100% chance, as it makes sense for the government to put Proton under DRB-HICOM considering the Government is a common shareholder in the three companies involved - Proton, DRB-HICOM and EON. Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Omar used to be Perodua’s managing director, and spearheaded Perodua’s

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